Friday, 2 January 2015

Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb: To Dare Mighty Things

So just back from the cinema, for my first film of 2015 and it was good Going to the pictures with family can end in two ways the film gets ruined by the small squirming child thats apparently my brother or enjoying the film. The latter happened and I am so happy about that.


You can't go wrong with this franchise. It's proper silly fun with hilarious characters, amusing situations and skeletal dinosaurs pretending to be puppies. I mean its just such a good format it doesn't go wrong and this film didn't go wrong either.

So the plot goes as follows on the night of the grand night exhibit opening the Tablet starts to go wrong and blue thus making our ferrite characters go haywire and begins to kill the Pharaoh Ahkmenrah (played by the cute as heck Rami Malek).

Anyway Larry and his now older son and the Pharaoh and the tablet set off to London to talk to the pharaohs parents and fix the tablet before the magic dies. Yeah it's flimsy but it works like only a "Night at the Museum" movie can.

The one fly in the ointment was the ridiculous accent Rebel Wilson was sporting, what the hell was that? Just a note to Ms. Wilson I love you but don't do that again. It was generally awful. I'm just so glad it didn't spoil the movie.

On the subject of Australians Hugh Jackman turned up for a bit. That was nice well done Huge Ackman.
As usual it's just not a Night at the Museum movie with Jedidiah and Octavious having their little (literally) bromance. This time as they were "dying" they held hands. They are still one of the funniest bits in the films.

The ending will probably come a little bit of a shock and I won't spoil that for you guys but it is justified. Actually it kinda works because it isn't permanent.
Ok I should point out the bus scene was hilarious.

Anyway overall this is a good movie. It's the same silly fun as the last two but with a little more gravitas.

What a fitting way to say goodbye to Robin Williams.

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