Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen Buckle up and Don't cross the streams. It's time to find out WHO ARE OUR NEW ALL LADY GHOSTBUSTERS QUARTET.
Photo credit: Gallery Hip

So without further a do let's look at our 4 new lovely ladies!!!!!

1. Kristen Wiig
Photo credit: AnaKop

The lovely and incredibly funny Kristen has already proved she can do Supernatural comedy in 2009's Paul. So I have no doubt she's gonna blow us all away in Ghostbusters

2. Leslie Jones
Photo Credit: Hit Fix
Leslie of SNL and Top Five fame looks like a great choice. As i have only seen bits of SNL I am very interested to see what she brings to the table in this remake.

3.Kate McKinnon
Photo Credit: Inside Movies
Having just starred in the acclaimed film Life Partners, Kate too has become one of our four ghoul busting girls!!! This makes me even more excited. Lesbian Ghostbuster, anyone? YES YES YES

4. Melissa Mc Carthy
from Trailer of "Spy"
Who is surprised that McCarthy has been picked up for another Feig movie! Especially after starring in Bridesmaids, The Heat and the soon coming out Spy. McCarthy looks set to be a perfect Ghostbuster.

I don't wanna start guessing who's who cert but I'd love Kate to play a version of Venkman (the dickless line, come on it would work so well). I hope they don't turn down all the weirdness and typically Bill Murray comedy for the ladies in this because that would really lose the point of Ghostbusters.

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