Thursday, 24 August 2017

SPONSORED + BOOK TOUR: Joshua N’Gon: Last Prince of Alkebulahn

So earlier in the summer I was asked by Books and Authors to join the blog tour and write a review of Anton Mark's newest book. As I was supplied with a copy in exchange for my review my standard rules apply. I am not in any way influenced by the fact I got the book for free and have only given my honest opinion. To read more about this read this.
With the formalities under way let's get on with the review.
Firstly for someone that loves Sci-fi I am not the biggest fan of children's/YA hard sci-fi.  My tastes in YA and children's tend to be a bit less intense so this was going to be a bit of a hard sell for me. But actually I was surprised by how readable this book was. 

The plot of this book is kinda standard but also really readable and has enough fresh takes to keep it from being stale. Joshua, a fourteen year old boy is suddenly thrust into a whole other world after an attempted kidnapping. He starts to transform as he finds out that he is actually a Prince. 

However if you were wondering this book is far more like the BZRK series by M.Grant rather than the Princess diaries. In fact the two books have a lot of similarities and big Michael Grant fans will really enjoy this book. 

Joshua is a really fun character that I think children are going to love and he definitley kept me reading when i got a bit lost by the plot. Sometimes it can feel in these sort of books that the main character is a bit flat in order for the world to seem more vivid but Marks managed to balance these two things perfectly.

My only criticism would be the way book jumped around a lot timeline wise. It became very difficult to stay on track because if you forgot for a minute you had to re-read huge amounts. Whilst these are very clearly laid out they do add quite a bit of confusion which I imagine would be even harder for a child audience. 

Overall this book would be a perfect addition to any older child- young teenagers book shelf although I do feel like it would appeal to boys more. Whilst it can be a little rocky it is a fun and at times zany read.

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