Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dunkirk- The Best War Film in Years

Every year a new film is called a must see. In fact not every year but every single week so much so that it's night impossible to work out what is worth seeing and not. Rest assured Dunkirk is the one to pick this year. If you see one film make it this one. It's harsh and difficult to watch but ultimately very very important.

SUMMARY TIME: Tommy (Fionn Whitehead) makes it to the beach only to see how many soldiers are trapped there. At the same time back in England all boats are being aquisitioned by the navy to go to Dunkirk and pick up soldiers that are trapped there. Mr Dawson (Mark Rylance) and his two sons go to help and on the way pick up  a severely shellshocked  soldier (Cillian Murphy). As well as this Farrier (Tom Hardy) and his tiny RAF squadron are trying to defend Dunkirk from the air but are being overrun.

I went into this film with high expectations and the film exceeded them at least five times over. It's dark, gritty but never feels gratutious. The opening scene itself will have your heart pumping as we watch Tommy survive running towards the beach but the look in his eyes when he sees the beach is something that is almost hypnotic. Seeing all these men trapped as complete sitting ducks as the German airforce drop bombs on them. It's unrelenting and cruel some of them shout where are the RAF and we see nothing but Nazis in the sky .

However the RAF are there but incredibly limited there are only three of them there as they can't spare anyone else. The RAF are preparing for the war to come to England and all thats up in the sky is a tiny team trying there best to pick off the enemies.

Meanwhile a hideously enclosed family drama is unfolding as Mr Dawson's house boat goes to war. Two sons and their dad pick up a distressed soldier and things only get worse from there. The soldier is stressed, edgy and unable to control himself as he is forced to go back to the place that damaged him so badly in the first place.

The way these three stories start to wind together similar themes of entrapment and fear is masterful. Nolan has really made something incredible with this film. This film is linear in that the characters often feel like second fiddle to what is unfolding. It's a masterstroke that makes the hideous events the starring role everyone else is just a pawn in what happens.

The performances are incredible form newcomer Whitehead and Harry styles who are both superb. As well as a terrificly fearless performance from Tom Hardy as well as his fellow RAF member Collins played by Jack Lowden. Lowden's final scenes with Rylance are incredible but without being cheesy.

The ending will haunt you as the three strands tie themselves together.Whether it's Harry Style's Alex terrorfied of the publics reaction to them only to be greeted by cheers or the way Mark Rylance's family is forever changed or Tom Hardy walking confidently into danger. It will stick with you. Expect to see this movie brought up frequently this Oscars season. Go see it it's speactacular.

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