Friday, 14 November 2014

Truman Show vs Cabin in the woods: CONTROL

Cabin in the woods is the strange bastard child of Truman Show and Hunger games that had a strange horror bent. It's an odd thing, it's a good thing. However the main bit isn't what i'm gonna focus on. I fancy taking a look at the control centre and other ones like it. Or why are films about secret control so bloody interesting? and why do we have to see this from the victims point of view? if anything the second half of Cabin in the woods was dull because of that. I want to see the other side, the controllers , those doing their jobs it seems much more interesting.

So anyway in Cabin in the Woods we have a massive operation going on, they are one of several hubs to get the sacrifices. They have to kill assigned groups of people to satisfy gods and therefore keep the world alive.They have become horribly desensitised to the events they cause holding bets and messing around. But then again i'm just unconvinced of their "evil" status. They aren't they are doing their jobs to keep the world going.

Which is why i suppose Cabin didn't work for me. It felt like the Truman Show ramped up and in all honesty Truman Show is scarier and better.

In The Truman Show (the film is much older hence the design) it's less murder-y and more entertainment, Truman has lived a televised reality tv based life and doesn't know it everyone around his are actors and everything is a set. The most incredible set ever made with a special moon where the director lives but a set just the same. People work inside all of this, manipulating Truman in a way that Cabin in the woods didn't even dream of.

What i'm trying to say is Cabin in the woods fails where The Truman Show succeeds simply because manipulation of a whole life and realising how horrific that is is ten times scarier than monsters in boxes and the end of the world.

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