Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Rec it Wednesday: A Twist in Crime

(see what I did there) This weeks recs are films from either side of the crime (police/victim or criminal). They just have to be a different take on the crime genre including heists, hit men and every facet of it.

1. You fancy a school based crime noir
Well hope you like Joseph Gordon Levitt

Brick (2005, Rian Johnson)
As you know Johnson is a favourite director of mine and his first film is no exception. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays the detective-ish lead Brendan, as he tries to find out who killed his girlfriend. Seriously this will haunt and excite you, amazing movie and incredibly skilfully executed.

2. You fancy a heist with magic
now this one is just too easy

Now You See Me (2013, Louis Leterrier)

This film got all the wrong comparisons it is not Oceans 11 light nor is it The Prestige it is something much more fun. A fun caper about a gaggle of magicians joining forces by  a mysterious source to do crimes. With a amazing twist.

3. You fancy a bank robbery done creepily and cleverly.
and with Denzel Washington

Inside Man (2006, Spike Lee)
Now this one will get you thinking. A group of robbers burst into  aback take hostages and make them all wear the same clothes. The criminals then seem to blend in and nothing appears to be stolen. Watching this film will blow your mind.

4. You fancy a comedy heist 
with Ferris Beuller grown old but still pushing cars out of windows!

Tower heist (2011, Brett Ratner)

A ben Stiller farcical heist which shows very well exactly what happens when a group of scorned service workers for a posh building will do when threatened. Hilarious and with a deliciously moral centre, this is crime fun for the whole family. Plus Gabourey Sidibe!!!

5. You fancy something bittersweet involving hit men
well hope you like Europe

In Bruges (2008, Martin Mc Donagh)
Starring Colin Farell, this film starts out funny and slowly descends and it is ferocious. Hard to describe but with serious charm and charisma. It's well worth a watch.

So there we have ti 5 fantastically different crime centred films perfect to release some steam to.

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