Sunday, 23 November 2014

Carmilla: the web series you didn't know you needed

If you ever don't have time to start  a full TV show the newest batch of web series are the biggest godsend in a long time. There are loads and have a lot more scope than TV shows that have been made to fulfil a brief and cannot risk doing something different.

Only yesterday I found my new favourite web series, Carmilla. Based off the famous lesbian precursor to Dracula this series follows the lovely Laura (Elise Bauman) who after her old room-mate Betty goes missing decided to find her and unravel the mysteries on campus. Only her new roommate is a vampire, a pretty, flirty and pretty awesome on but a vampire all the same.

So anyway go watch this fantastic series with most episodes being around the two minute mark you'll get through it pretty quickly.

There are new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday so get to work!

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