Saturday, 15 November 2014

Atlantis: Series two kicks off with a bang

So Atlantis BBC's answer to Merlin withdrawal is back and I am still head over heels with it. Telling the story of Jason (Jack Donelly) living in a new time period and new place after some sort of thing the second series is very different yet loses none of its old charm.

So here is my five point review of the first episode A NEW DAWN PART ONE

1. Ariadne, the new queen of Atlantis is impeccable. Long gone are her teenage wispy days and now she is a queen worthy of her title. She has become hardened by the prospect of war. Aiysha Hart plays a blinder in the first episode and in all honesty I cannot wait to see her put under more and more pressure.

2.  The oracle giving Jason the mythical acid trip is horrific. Jason is supposedly linked to her in some way (we think she's his mum but we aren't sure) and he has to suffer this vision that literally causes him to convulse. A great bit of acting from Jack Donelly, absolutely heartbreaking lets hope the vision can be used to save everyone.

3. The tone has really darkened, the fun silly vibe is out the window and now we are going into battle scenes that are less skewed in our heroes favour. less backflips more frigging huge spears. Yep this series will rock!

4. Thank God Hercules is still the comic relief seriously. Otherwise i would have been crying for ages. Good Old Mark Addy

5. Ok, Pythagoras you are a sweet heart and I love you. also that "i love you" he says about hercules and Jason, actual tears. Seriously Robert Emms is a god for acting those scenes without making them feel forced, it was beautiful. 4 for you.

So that's it: an impeccable opener let hope the rest is this good!

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