Who Am I?

a rare form of mirror selfie
 So Hello, I'm Boo. Lovely to meet you all I'm sure.
 Name's Boo, i'm young and from England. I'm half Scottish, disabled and spent an entire year trying to get my DSA. I want to be a writer so far so good.
 All my other work can be found on the side under Me: in Other Forms. This will be updated regularly.. You want me to review or talk about something. Leave a comment on one of my posts. I can't read minds! (as much as i would like to)I can be a bit over-analytical so please give me some lee-way.
for you guys

It's mainly film here but TV and comics will be covered. once again suggestions are cool.
I want to move into some lifestyle posts and a few crafting tutorials as well as my love of books.

I used to help run Amersham Pop Up Screen which can be found  HERE
Writes freelance.

on this here blog if interviews are ever conducted every single interviewee will be asked this very important question.
could your work be improved with dinosaurs?
it started as a joke and i would send it on goodreads or twitter or answer time if a celebrity had a Q+A but when author Peter Kujawinski answered it i knew i had found my life calling. hence the beginning of the dinosaur clause.

So there we go. This may update as I find more things to say but till then Stay Classy my little Dinosaurs.

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