Sunday, 3 September 2017


Firstly yes I know it's late but i've changed it a bit so it'll be the closest weekend to the end of the month. That just makes it easier for me to be able to keep doing this stuff. I've also given up on trying to feature music because Blogger is being really mean about it so until it's fixed we are musicless!!
But anyway on with the show!

Best Movie
Logan Lucky reviewing coming soon. Honestly this may be my film of the summer. Go see it you'll love it.

Prettiest Thing
Through my monthly travels through e-shopping I found the damn cutest light ever. It's a mini pineapple.  You could give it to child or have it for yourself. I think it's so damn cute.
£12.95 from When Albert met Victoria @ Trouva

Things to Read and Ponder
Heres the best of the articles of this month. Feel free to read as many or as few as you like. As usual the one in bold is pick of the month so if you don't have much time just give that one a try.
  1. Pajiba on whatever the hell has happened to Tulip Fever HERE
  2. Flickering Myth looks at how Elvis made musicians movie stars HERE
  3. I News talks seriousness with Dick and Dom HERE
  4. Vulture looks at the toxic world of YA fiction twitter HERE
  5. Romper looks at why people are disgusted with Angelina Jolie HERE
  6. Vogue has a great piece on senior year at a Girl's Boarding school HERE
  7. Comic Book finds out which ranger Jason David Frank preferred to play HERE
  8. Dazed looks at the story behind a mother and daughter that work at a brothel HERE
  9. The Independent makes me want to go to Salem on holiday HERE
  10. Vice tells us that all your fave cartoons are queer HERE
So it's back to school time and  Little White Lies has the definitive guide to getting in the film industry
Read it HERE

Blogger of the Month
This months blogger is the fabulous Mini Mermaid. Her blog is really great.

Anyway thats me done! See you all later!

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