Wednesday, 19 July 2017

SPONSORED: Tea Time with The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

So I was contacted by The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company to try out some of their teas and how could I possibly resist. This is a sponsored post, whilst these products where sent to me for free it does not in any way influence my opinion. For a better look at my policies please click here.

So I got sent two teas and both of them were Green Teas which is great because i love a good green tea. As a big fan of loose leaf tea luckily I had all the supplies to brew some up so here are my two teas.
Green Rooibos
I have to be honest I was slightly nervous of this tea as I'm not the biggest fan of standard redbush so I wondered if it would be too overwhelming. However it wasn't. It's a really strong green tea a lot stronger than standard tea. This would be great for when you fancied something stronger than a normal green tea but didn't just want a builders brew.

Green with Vanilla
Now this one is such a treat. It's nicely sweet without being overwhelming and really really nice. The leaves look different to my standard green tea but thats probably to do with the type of leaves. There is lots of vanilla in this but it isn't overwhelming in the slightest.

Here you can see them fully brewed on the Left is the Green Tea with Vanilla on the Right is the Rooibos. The vanilla one looks a lot more like standard green tea whereas the rooibos definitely looks like redbush. Oh and yes I did get out my best china for this so you are all very welcome! (I also had to brew these at the same time for the photo and it was just me in the house so i had to drink the two cups by myself!

 Overall these teas are really really lovely and if you are a looseleaf tan you are gonna love this company. 
Do you guys have any looseleaf tea you really love? Let me know in the comments

You can find the UK Loose Leaf Tea Company HERE

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