Monday, 31 July 2017

JULY- Monthly roundup holiday edition!!

So guys it's summer holiday time so I may be more sporadic than normal but I couldn't leave you without July's monthly roundup! everything you may have missed wrapped up in one big bundle!!

BEST MOVIE (to watch on holiday)
Why not watch Anna Biller's fantastic stylised work of art The Love witch. It's so pretty you'll cry or die depending how upset Elaine is with you!!!

PRETTIEST THING (to covet on holiday)
this is the best reason to buy a new beach bag!! This one is by Skinnydip and it is damn cute. It looks like it'll fit all your crap as well. 

Here are some great article to wile away your holiday with. as per usual the one is bold is the pick of the month so if you only have time for one long read make it that one!
  1. Racked investigates where Tiki bartenders get their clothes HERE
  2. Mic looks at the world of death memes HERE
  3. Hello Giggles goes and gets an intuitive tattoo HERE
  4. Extra Crispy finds out that you could be a cheese expert HERE
  5. BBC News writes how Linkin Park made Rap Metal cool HERE
  6. The Guardian investigates book thievery HERE
  7.  Pajiba tells people stop mocking Marin Cillic for crying HERE
  8. Buzzfeed's scary as hell piece about R.Kelley's disgusting behaviour HERE
  9. The Pool has a great piece on train harassment HERE
  10. Maximum Pop! meets an awesome doppelganger HERE
EXTRA CREDIT (ran out of holiday stuff)
So I just found and fell in love with this blog called Cool Kids of History. It's full of awesome vintage photos of people doing weird. wacky and awesome things. Once you start scrolling you won't stop

listen here because blogger won't let me embed again! 
Charli XCX did this! Hot guys and good music. She is the best!

My blogger this month is the lovely Rebecca Coco who posted this amazing article about this gorgeous dress and then i read more of her blog and knew you guys would like her!
Go and visit her here

So thats me i'm away for a bit now but i'll be back soon!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me as blogger of the month!!

    Rebecca Coco