Sunday, 23 July 2017

52filmsbywomen- Week 29

This week its back for another documentary. This one was about something I knew barely anything about but had always found (from my limited knowledge of it admittedly) kinda creepy.
So this weeks film directed by a woman is...

Tokyo Idols
Dir: Kyoko Miyake
This fantastic and scary documentary is about the Japanese "Idol" movement. The popstar teens who are doted upon my older men. It's a bleak scary and star struck world but very interesting to learn about. In particular what stuck out was the 14year old idol who's super fan 23 year old gave her shoes for her birthday. This film is eye opening, quite creepy and a look behind the cuteness. I also watched a while back a great documentary by Stacey Dooley on a similar subject which I suggest seeking out if you enjoy this one which is partially the reason i watched this film. Anyway it's eyeopening and uncomfortable but a very good watch. 

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