Sunday, 30 July 2017

52 films by women- Week 30

So from last weeks creepy documentary to something fictional we have a complete tonal shift!! This film has been sitting in my to watch for a very long time but finally I got round to it.
This weeks film directed by a woman is...
Miss Meadows 
Dir: Karen Leigh Hopkins
If you ever wondered what would happen if Matilda didn't have super powers and Miss Honey just straight up snapped picked up a gun and shot the daylights out of Miss Trunchbull well then I have the film for you! It's as the film itself calls out titular character Mary Poppins meets Pulp Fiction in this bizarre little gem. Katie Holmes plays the lovely polite and prim teacher/vigilante Miss Meadows as she takes out her towns bad guys, falls in love and helps her children. It's fun and seriously weird, give it a go.

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