Sunday, 11 June 2017

Wonder Woman- The Best of Heroes 52week23

So it happened for the first time I managed to go to the cinema and see a women directed movie on the big screen and not just on the big screen but as the top billed one of the year. Honestly it was the best thing ever taking my mu  to go see it and I strongly reccomend you all go.
So let's head on to the review.

SUMMARY TIME: Diana (my queen Gal Gadot) lives on Themiscyra with the amazons. she si the first child born there and is impulsive and awesome. She is being trained by Antiope (Robin Wright) to be stronger than the rest of the amazons. However when a fighter pilot lands in her country (Chris Pine), Diana becomes involved in stopping World War 1 and destroying the God of War. 

I honestly feel that this film has changed me. Seeing a superhero film with a woman kicking ass and being amazing honestly had me in tears. The fact that it's also very good is even better. This sin't going to be my standard full review just a series of thoughts but honestly I still am not over this movie.

We have an island full of badass probably all bi lady (and a load of lesbians too) folks who like fighting. This in itself is awesome. It really is one of the best things to see this awesome civilisation (very Elrond-y) who are fantastic and prepared for everything. the training scenes aren't watered down they are harsh and fantastic and prepare you for the horrors of World War 1 you see later on.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is so perfect honestly also very very pretty (his eyes!). The chemistry between them felt very very real and you really felt the tension. Diana's other new human friends are also brilliant. A thousand points to Ewen Bremner as the PTSD ridden Scot Charlie who was just perfect.  In fact every member of Steve Trevor's little team deserved points including Etta Candy his fantasticly witty secretary.

World War 1 isn't something you see very often in film I'd hate to speculate why but I', sure it's something to do with living memory. The horrors of World War 1 are illustrated here very well and the way the film deals with war and it's tragedies are amazingly complex. Diana's views are challenged constantly. 

The villains too are quite complex especially the fantasticly creepy Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya) who plays the complex and creepy villain perfectly. Her lack of power coupled with her facial expressions makes for a powerful performance. I don't want to put any spoilers in this so I won't but other villains are also very good.

Diana's battles are never toned down the fights are gritty and intense. The final battle in particular is the perfect supervillain/hero showdown and the visuals are incredible. Also just on Diana she is just perfect in every way and you will love her also her naiveity of the human world is adorable and brilliant. I love her.

I have to say I am so proud of this movie and how good it is. I look forward to the sequel. Honestly take your family, take your friends take anyone you know and show them the magic of this film because it may just be one of the only good things to happen this year. I can only cross my fingers and hope this spawns more massive films being directed by women.  Thank You DC comics and see you all soon for Justice League!!!

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