Monday, 5 June 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge: Spectacle on the high sea

So guys you think I was gonna resist the fifth movie in the franchise of my youth. nah, wasn't gonna happen! So me and my family hauled out a few weeks back  to a pretty packed cinema for an adventure of the high seas. So onwards for the review

SUMMARY TIME: Will Turner's son (Brenton Thwaites) has been trying to find a cure for his father's curse for years by tracking Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack (Johnny Depp) however is in his own trouble and on the same day he pulls a heist with his crew, Karina (Kaya Scodelario) is arrested for being a witch. Meanwhile the dreaded pirate slayer Salazar has been freed from the Devil's Triangle and is trying to avenge him and his crews situation by tracking down the man that cursed them there, Jack.

Firstly I am still unsure as to why this movie is being called Salazar's Revenge over here when in America it's called Dead Men Tell No Tales. I may be wrong but Dead Men Tell No Tales suits the franchise so much better than the generic as hell Salazar's Revenge. I guess it's because they have the amazing Javier Bardem as Salazar and they want to show it off but who knows.

Right so onto the actual film this one for the first time since World's End felt like it was unashamedly a Pirate movie. It was far more fun, silly and just as big on spectacle and ships as the trilogy was. We got big, bold and utterly hilarious. Mullroy and Murtog (the guards from Port Royale turned pirates fill in after the loss of Pintel and Ragetti and are jut as funny.

There were however some bits that made the film feel a bit different from the standard pirates fair. Barbossa doesn't take a bit of an apple like usual. I don't think Jack says his famous "you'll remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow", Gibb's doesn't get woken up from being drunk with a large pail of water and possibly most strangely given the Pirate's early situation not one person says "thats got to be the worst pirate I've ever seen". It's odd to see these one important franchise staples thrown out in favor of less snappy catchphrases and more mystery with Witches at every turn and time changing and starting to leave piracy behind.

However the biggest thing missing was Jack himself. Jack Sparrow seemed lost from the proceedings maybe it was Johnny Depp's alleged acts catching up with him or just how drunk he apparently was while filming but Jack the lovable rogue seems to have dissapeared. Some scenes were definitley still there but some his usual amusing comments seemed almost predatorial. This wasn't a swashbuckling hero but a slightly creepy sozzled pervert. Hopefully if the next one happens and I think it might we will get the old Jack we know and love back.

Which is why it seems shocking that the film still worked so well and yet it does. Finally we have a pair of "normal people" that rival Will and Elizabeth with Carina and Henry without trying to copy the old formula. Carina is whip smart, funny and slightly precocious whereas Henry is so focused on the task at hand he almost doesn't see the wood for the trees. I hope to see this duo back is there is a sixth movie.Also Salazar and the crew are amazing. Bardem is truly brilliant and almost scarier than Davy Jones.

This film contains all of Pirates best bits, An emotional heart (Barbossa was fantastic), mysticism and great jokes, and reuniting of the original non pirate couple of the franchise. If the franchise can clean up it's Jack problem I can safely say the next one will be a joy to behold.

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