Friday, 19 May 2017

This post is about Overwatch!

Blizzard entertainment's game Overwatch is one years old this week. They released a fantastic video celebrating it and honestly when I finally have the cash I will stop watching people play it online (at my house not whenever i get to get to friends which is how i have played before) and play it for myself. However if you are like me and gameless you can still have all sorts of fun with Overwatch courtesy of their comics. These are available free on their website and are damn awesome today I thought I'd talk about my favourite of them all.

Now if anyone knows my taste at all you've probably already guessed my favorite. If you guessed Tracer nope ( I mean I love her but nope) My fave of the 12 brilliant offerings is most certainly Junkrat and Roadhog's comic "Going Legit".

Anyway it follows my faviorite "heroes" Junkrat and Roadhog (they are kinda australian land pirates in the vein of Mad Max, Roadhog has a mask, Junkrat loves bombs together they reek havok everywhere). The plot is pretty simple they take an honest job to help a business man, save people and beat up omnics. Only it doesn't go well at all. No spoilers or anything but in fact it goes pretty damn badly.

It also features what i consider to be the best comic image in history. Roadhog holding a tiny cup. How adorable is that I mean he is a reckless murderer but he has a tiny cup!
Also just today in an interview one of the Overwatch people said they'd love to do a Roadhog and Junkrat spin off game and I'd just like to spend a second to scream Yes Please so that everyone gets what a great idea that is. Another recent development is that they are doing a hardcover printing of all 12 comics coming out in October which you can pre-order now. I might wait a li'l while but i'm definitley gonna try and get my mits on it. 

Anyway all of this is to say head over to the Overwatch site and read this stuff because it's so great. Also finally Happy Birthday Overwatch! You've already brought one year of fantastic-ness cheers to hopefully many more!!!

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