Wednesday, 10 May 2017

SPONSORED: Eat mermaid food with Seamore pasta!

So in my general tradition of strange and unusual foods. The lovely folks at Seamore sent me some Seaweed pasta. This is a sponsored post, whilst these products where sent to me for free it does not in any way influence my opinion. For a better look at my policies please click here.

Firstly Seamore isn't seaweed infused pasta like the green "spinach" pasta you get in supermarkets but actual bits of dried seaweed cut into long thin bits and dried out. It's pasta in the same way Zoodles is pasta which means it isn't really pasta at all. But does it function like pasta? Yes.

It comes in sort of sheets I found 3 of these was enough for two people. Err on the side of too little as it is suprisingly filling. It cooks in around 15 minutes and that takes it to normal pasta consitancy for me. The smell when it was cooking at first was seriously overwhelming but it dissapates pretty quickly and it doesn't taste like it smells luckily.

Taste wise it is very similar to pasta however does still have a light peppery taste which is why you should stick to basic sauces. It's really quite pleasant. However I would say I think it wouldn't particularly work in pasta bake form nor would it make for a good pasta salad. I think boiling it and serving it like this is the best form for it.

So I did wonder how exactly I was going to serve this stuff and I decided to be pretty basic with it because I didn't want to overwhelm it. I went for a jarred Tomato and basil sauce as I couldn't be bothered to make my own. If you fancy something other than Tomato and Basil  I'd suggest either the toppings from my Fortunate pasta recipe (here) or perhaps another light vegetable or tomato based sauce. I wouldn't reccomend dairy based heavy sauces like Four Cheese or Carbonara as I think it would be too dense but a light turkey based bolognaise may work.
Overall I have to say this makes for  really nice change to standard pasta. I think any left over small bits at the bottom of the bag would also be really good to add some flavour to a stock or soup base. If you want a healthy and different alternative to pasta I'd give Seamore's seaweed pasta a try.

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