Saturday, 6 May 2017

Free Comic Book Day 2017!!!

So if you lived under a rock and din't know it was Free Comic Book Day today!! So sometimes I don't get to go but I was super lucky today and had a really damn awesome time. So I went tonne that isn' technically my local anymore but is my FCBD hot spot every damn time!!
click under the cut to see what I got!
Firstly here is the damn awesome free Comics spread
Look at all these beautfiul things!! Also there was a little girl dressed as A stormtrooper princess who was choosing as many comics as possible and i hope to be half as cool as her one day! There was such an amazing selection this year and we got to pick up one of each of pretty much as many as you wanted. I was good and only picked four (one was for my brother)

Anyway here's my pickings
I got Riverdale, Monster High and DC Superhero Girls for myself and Guardians of the galaxy for my little brother. Also you may notice the super cool Wonder Woman pin badge they were giving those out too. They started with Rocket and Groot but as soon as the shop owner put out Wonder Woman they were gone in seconds!! So I was damn lucky this time to get one!!

Now as a reminder Comic shops have to pay for the free comics so it's best for them if on FCBD when you pick up something you buy stuff as well. Obviously I need no reasons to go bonkers so I went on a small back issue haul and got these bad boys

Also I'd like to say a shoutout to the dud eI was talking to about Deadpool who showed me this awesome Deadpool musical video on youtube. You sir are a scholar and a gentleman!

Anyway thats it for me today. Did any of you do FCBD today? What did you all get? Will you be doing Halloween Comic Fest in October?

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