Friday, 28 April 2017

Let's Meet Cable- Marvel True Believers

With a premiere date for Deadpool 2 out and the fact that my newest comic order has arrived I thought this should be the time to talk Cable. Which is very useful because I have Cable and the New Mutants True believers to talk about him with!

So if you've been following the kinda convoluted casting news for Cable for Deadpool 2 you are probably as confused as I am. Obviously I wanted Keira Knightly and so did Deadpool himself but hey she's busy with PoTC again so you know they obviously had to pick someones sloppy seconds. There have been some amazing names thrown around but Marvel has officially confirmed Josh Brolin. Who after his frankly magnificent performance in Inherent Vice and Hail Caesar should knock this out of the ball park. Here's hoping he has decent chemistry with Ryan reynolds though because that is pretty damn important.

Anywho back to comics for a minute once again I'm picking up special cheap editions of things because I am captain cheapskate and it was on Forbidden Planet and I thought why the hell not. True believers is Marvels reprint series and every now and then they reprint the first issues of a tentpole character. You name it they got it Wolverine, Captain Marvel etc. Anyway the most recent one I got was Cable and the New Mutants.

Technically this is a reprint of the second book Cable's in as the first he was in for seconds a s a teaser to this one. Anyway Cable is a big old badass who is super powerful super strong and can win against most people. He's also one of Deadpool's gang and has a pretty big following from that. He also dies and theres a really great comic panel of Deadpool talking to his memorial statue.
I will say 1. this is the first marvel comic i have read in ages with the whole Hydra cap thing I've been avoiding them honestly. But more importantly it's so weird to see modern comic adverts next to this reprint. It looks so damn bizarre and I love it.

Anyway in summary I'm kinda intrigued as to how they'll adapt Cable for Deadpool will they go goody two shoes-y or full badass. What will his relationship with Deadpool be? Well time will tell. On the other hand if you wanna research him seeking out this issue of True Believers would be a pretty great start. 

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