Thursday, 20 April 2017

Beauty and the Beast- Pure Disney Magic

Disney movies and Disney nostalgia has an incredible ability to put a great big smile on your face, warm your heart and make you swoon like Elizabeth Swann in the first PoTC movie. It's so expected at this point that honestly people get the warm fuzzies just from seeing the castle logo. So in their wake of remaking every damn property they have with actually a pretty good hit rate Disney remade the gorgeous Beauty and The Beast with Emma Watson and I went to see it. Here is what I thought

SUMMARY TIME: Belle (Emma Watson) and her inventor father Maurice (Kevin Kline) live in a small and small minded provincial french town that is driving Belle half bonkers. She has attracted the affections of local heart throb Gaston (Luke Evans) but is not interested. It all changes when her father strays into a odd castle and gets kidnapped by a  ferocious beast (Dan Stevens) who used to be someone else entirely.

Firstly this is a full on musical there are songs all over the damn place. They are all very good but just like it's cartoon predecessor "Be Our Guest" is the best. Obviously this is sung by Ewan McGregor which in no way changes my opinions (of course it does Ewan is amazing as is the song!). The opening song as well is beautiful and frankly gives Emma Watson a lot of time to settle in as the newest lie action Disney princess in town. Although I found whatever she was wearing in that scene incredibly confusing and annoying. Skirt or trousers Belle you can't have both! Also i'll talk about ti later but the Gaston song is fabulous.

On the whole LaFou (Josh Gad) controversy (yep it's 2017 a major movie having a queer character is still seen as controversial apparently) as usual Josh Gad was great. I realise the scene was short but honestly it made me smile. Also the fact that in the cinema both Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast, two massive movies making tonnes and tonnes of cash both have queer characters makes my little heart all warm and fuzzy.

Anyway moving on the design of this thing is delightful. Every scene is scrumptious and beautiful. The castle is amazing and the design of the furniture is creepy but gorgeous too. The added idea of them getting less and less human looking as the film and curse progress was a brilliant touch. Also all the voice cast they got for them was truly amazing.

The best performance however wasn't any of the household furniture but Gaston himself the fantastic Luke Evans who if there was justice in the world will get a Golden Globe for it. He was fantastic and stole the show every time he was on it. I honestly stopped paying attention to belle through certain points because Gaston just stole it so brilliantly.

Anyway if you were looking for a reason to see this movie take this review as your reason. Give yourselves some super great feminist disney magic you've earned it!

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