Thursday, 16 March 2017

this post is just about Power Rangers

So Morphin' Time is in the air as Saban is about to release their new Power Rangers movie which is a rehash of the original Mighty Morphin' Team. It doesn't look too bad and I will probably see it because the baby brother wants to see it. But I think ultimately the best thing to come out of this new Power Rangers mania is that Twitch is streaming every episode!
Let's talk about it
Growing up I was all about Power Rangers: Wild Force. I'd go over to my friends every week to watch the next episode and my faviorite was the White Tiger ranger. When my brother was younger he was obsessed too although his team was Mystic force. Obviously being pre-netflix both of us ended up with videos and DVDs (as time progressed I never had DVDs growing up) of the originals and the team ups. The damn glorious almost no context team ups where all the red rangers or blue or pink just all fight together for reasons. And now we can see them all over again on a 17day marathon on Twitch and it is damn glorious.

The stream literally broke when they showed the super infamous five part story "Green with Evil" which is still pretty damn magic. Actually if you have netflix its on their and is some of the most wild out there Power Rangers plot ever. It's also damn compelling but thats not the point.

Yesterday I watched the episode where Tommy (Green Ranger) comes back as the brand new White Ranger. Thats pretty great too in fact watching the old ones is really fun. Totally worth it actually and watching them on twitch is even funnier because of the constant banter in the chat box. The best bit however is definitely the constant AYEAYEAYEAYEAYE every time Alpha 5 speaks.

Also some of the clothes are damn brilliant. Let's all take a minute to appreciate whatever they are wearing in this screenshot I got yesterday

So what about you who were your Power Rangers team? Any moments you remember? Are you looking forward to the new movie? Are you watchign the twitch stream as much as me?

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