Friday, 24 March 2017

SPONSORED: Load's of Milkshakes with Lacka Foods/UFit

I got sent a big parcel from the lovely folks down at LackaFoods/ UFit filled with a few products for me to try. This is a sponsored post and whilst these products were given to me for free it does not in any way influence my opinion. For more information on my policies click here.
So with that out of the way read on for thoughts and opinions.

So As i said I got a massive parcel and it was really cool start to my week!! Here it is!
As you can see I got four products and three flavours to try. I tried them all out over the course of the week because there are only so many milkshakes you can drink in a day!

So firstly!
Collagen Beauty Milk in Smooth Strawberry Flavour
So firstly this little dinky bottle is damn cute and fits perfectly in a handbag so would be great if your running late and need something to keep you going. I poured a little bit into a cup because I wanted to see what it looked like because some of these drinks look nasty but I was pleasantly surprised by all three of these because all the colours were right and this one was no exception. It tasted pretty delicious too even though the ingredients list did sound weird (strawberry milk with green tea? odd right) but actually its pretty yummy. 
Whilst I'm no scientist and can't tell you if the beauty part actually works I have to say this one was pretty great. Even my mum liked it and she's a tough customer.

UFit Protein milkshake in Iced Latte
This was always going to be the tough sell for me. I am not a coffee drinker at all but I was running late one day and din't have time for a second cup of tea so I picked this bad boy out of the fridge and took it on my commute (as you can see by the Tube chair!). Firstly I'll tell you its damn strong in a good way but strong this thing will keep you up and running for several hours. On the taste wise though it's actually quite nice I drank the entire thing and it isn't too gross tasting as normal coffee tastes. It tastes less of dirt as well than normal coffee so we'll call it a win!

UFit Protein Milkshake in Banana
This one is my definite favourite. Banana flavour that takes me all the way back to childhood drinking tons of banana yazoo. This tasted super nostalgic and really damn good but also slightly less fake banana taste-y. It's sooo nice.

So there we are guys! I am so surprised by how nice these taste as sometimes with health drinks like these the healthy-ness makes them taste kinda awful. Overall I'd a hundred percent reccomend them!

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