Monday, 20 March 2017

Leftover Brownie Truffles -The easiest recipe ever!

So a while back I got given some Brownies and they got all beat up and I wasn't really in the mood to eat them and neither were my family. But I didn't want to put them to waste so I poked the internet for ideas. This is what I came up with. As this is my first recipe of the year I hope you all enjoy it as I'm not sure I'll continue with them.

 Food Channel has the idea for making truffles (read theres here) mine is similar but for smaller batches. Anyway without further a do heres a damn easy way to turn brownies that are falling apart and are close to going off into delicious truffles that will be eaten up in not time at all

Leftover Brownie Truffles
Makes 12
I used an Ikea kids cup for measurements but any standard short tumbler glass will do.
1 full cup of Brownie crumbs (to do this just beat them up with a fork, they can be lumpy thats fine) The Brownies I had to hand were Salted Caramel ones.
Big Handful of Chocolate Chips
2 big squares of Dark Chocolate (if you don't want to add this just move your measurements of choc chips up to 1/3 a cup)
2 tsps Cocoa Powder
2tsps Ground Almonds
2 tsps Icing Sugar

1. make a Bain Marie to melt your chocolate by getting a saucepan full of water heat the water then put a bowl over it. Be careful not to let the bowl get wet. Break the dark chocolate squares into pieces and put it in the bowl with the chocolate chips. let these melt all the way down
2. Pour your crumbs into a bowl (not the chocolate bowl) and then add the chocolate. stir to combine until it looks like this.
3. Now pick up a bit of mixture and roll into a ball. Be sure to make all of your truffles similar sizes. 
They should look like this. put them all to one side.
4. on a plate put your ground almonds, icing sugar and coca powder in three seperate lines. like this, 
then choose roll each truffle in a  different coating. 
You do not need to do three I just thought it would be fun.
5. Now chuck them in the fridge to harden for an hour
and there we are thats it. When you want them put them out and eat them. Take 'em to a part in a fancy bowl do what you like you got Brownie Truffles now!

See I told you it was Easy!
I hope you all enjoy this super simple recipe. 

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