Friday, 10 March 2017

BBC's Taboo is gloriously gory and gothic!

So its no big secret that Tom Hardy is fantastic right. But imagine Tom Hardy as a scuzzy possibly magic dude in Regency England going round attacking people, being vaguely piratical and wearing a cool hat. Yep Taboo had all these things and will continue to have them because they announced this week it's coming back for a second season!!!

SUMMARY TIME: After years away James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy) returns for his late fathers funeral only to scupper the plans of his sister Zilpha (Oone Chaplin) and cause the East India Trading Company to panic as it turns out he inherited a piece of land called Nootka Sound.

If you liked watching Penny Dreadful or other dark dramas  like it you are going to love Taboo and then some. Taboo has all the trappings of a period drama but none of the morality. James Delaney is only there to get what he needs. He plays the characters and the audience constantly to get what he wants and it is frankly breathtaking to see what he achieves.

Tom Hardy is as usual perfect but the supporting cast is just as important. Special points go to Brace (Delaney's Butler) for being compassionate and hard done by whilst being weird as hell and to Edgar Hogg as poor sweet Godfrey (my fave). There is also some pretty awesome female characters and Tom Hollander as a drunk pooh eating alchemist.

All in all it may be one of the most enjoyably depraved television shows on tv for a long time. The script is sharp, it's beautifully gross looking and all the characters are so unlikeable that you love them far more than the prince and the East India. The finale by the way is a thing of beauty.

This show is the gothic masterpiece you have been craving. trust me!

Next series they are all pirates because plot and I am damn excited! Hoist your colours!!

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