Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Lego Batman Movie- DC Comics has fun!

Oh man have I been waiting to talk about this one!! For starters it seems vaguely important to note that films that change the superhero genre keep getting put in early year slots. I'm wondering if this is because studios don't want to completely bank on them as there big summer one but think they can pull in relatively well in the less cluttered feb half term slot. I mean last year it was Fox's Deadpool messing with everyone and this year DC has finally crawled out of its misery machine and had a bit of fun with Lego Batman.

SUMMARY TIME: Batman (Will Arnett) spends his entire life waking up at four o clock in the afternoon suiting up and fighting baddies then getting home and eating reheated lobster thermador and watching Jerry Macguire. However his life is thrown upside down when the police commisioner steps down and brings in his daughter Barbara (Rosario Dawson) as the new one. She wants to work with Batman and bring him into the law where as he wants to continue working outside it. Meanwhile he adopts a son Richard (Michael Cera) and is having serious problems with the Joker (Zach Galifianakis).

First thing you need to know about this movie is it as just as completely nuts as The Lego Movie that preceded it. The plot which I have barely covered is completely off the wall the amount of cameos is hilarious and the jokes come on thick and fast. One thing about this film is that it clearly loves the source material. The Batman history is in there and references honestly with love whilst ribbing it. I mean at one point Joker says to Batman "we have been fighting 78 years" and its hilarious. 

The Joker and Batman situation is one of the best bits of the movie (Also the Joker's outfits in this are so much better than Leto's Joker costume). This Joker wants Batman to acknowledge how much he hates him which Batman keeps saying he doesn't and honestly its one of the best running gags. Also this Joker puts on lipstick before fighting Batman (which Harley passes to him obviously) and I feel like that is probably true in the comics too I mean in Batman RIP he's waiting for his nails to dry. 

Another thing this film does is sucessfully utilise Robin far better than any other DC property ever. Normally he seems to be impossible to use as the truly appalling Batman and Robin tells us. However in this Robin's ridiculousness is turned into this adorable child that looks up to bruce Wayne and desperately wants a family which he gets sorta. In fact the two of them get on pretty damn well and its really great.

Honestly thats what the film is like it's heartwarming and fuzzy and  off the chain. At times it makes absolutely no sense and is almost completely passed reviewing other than to say. If you were worried that the Lego team lost their touch don't worry Everything is still awesome. The end song also is pretty brilliant.
As a final ending thing I should say though my comparisons to Deadpool really aren't far off. Whilst one is obviously adult centered they both go in and mess with the genre have a lot of fun in the process and are brilliant whilst also staying faithful to the source material. 

SIDENOTE Lego Ninjago movie looks damn good too. I'm already excited for that one. Also who knew Dave Franco's voice was so distinctive because I could pick him out of that trailer quicker than I could the other actors.


  1. Ahh my little sister wants to watch this film but no one else wanted to watch it. LOL.
    It's not really my kind of film but sounds like you enjoyed it.

    Sabah || www.womanishaffairs.org

    1. honestly even if you don't think you'll like it you'll probably be won over. its really fun and has enough jokes to entertain adults as well as kids