Sunday, 5 February 2017

Croissants in a Can?

So me and my mum were walking about in the supermarket when we found this tube of apparently readymade croissant dough. It looked sufficiently weird and was on a really good deal so we picked it up! So if you like weird foodstuffs and don't mind that this is just me being odd click under the cut to see if it works or not!

So I wasn't sponsored to do this I just like weird stuff and honestly I know they have these in America but I have never seen them before.

So this is what the tube looked like
It's a tube that has metal ends and the rest is cardboard. It has a pull tab which is honestly kinda finnickity but once you open it and unfurl the contents you get this. REMEMBER TO KEEP THE INSTRUCTIONS!

These frankenstein-y looking things are prescored triangles of pastry that you simply unfurl. This bit is pretty easy but sprinkle some flower on whatever surface you are using. It's just easier!

Rolling them up is hard ok! Honestly I know these aren't particularly pretty but I did my darned-est!! Also at this point paint them with some egg so they go glossy and nice.

So here are the finished articles. They may not look perfect but actually I'm surprised at how ncie they were. Also if you have some left over heat them up the next day (or the next next day) and they are still pretty good although I'd say two days is probably the limit.

Overall I'd day these worked and were pretty nice and if I got super good at folding them I'd look like a domestic goddess which is always a plus!!

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  1. I've seen something like this before. I like the idea of it. I recently spotted a read made cookie dough roll, all you had to do is slice up the roll and bake for a while. There you have it, "homemade" cookies.

    The croissants look tasty! Thanks for sharing.

    Sabah ||