Saturday, 4 February 2017

52 Films by Women- Week 5

So this week was the start of LGBT History Month over in England so I thought I'd kick off with an LGBT movie because why not. An aside finding lgbt movies on netflix uk is kinda annoying. It take skill, dedication and access to google to check if its actually one. But anyway I cut through all the crap and finally found one that was 1. directed by a woman and 2. looked decent. I get points for that right because damn did it take skills. Anyway without further a do heres what I picked.

Dir: Stacie Passon
Honestly this movie was a huge surprise. It was really damn good and had a hell of a soundtrack. Bits of the script were a bit well odd but honestly the acting sailed it by. The basic story of a married woman Abi whose son throws a football at her head which causes her to get concussion and then re-evaluate her life and become a sexworker on the side. It's really really good really damn watchable and honestly having a main character who doesn't quite know why she's doing what she does makes it even better. SEEK THIS OUT

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