Sunday, 22 January 2017

Top 5 Sherlock Thoughts

So last week was the finale and possible last ever episode of Sherlock and it was as brilliant as we'd expect. So I've teamed up with Joey from Let's Start with this One to go through our faviorite moments her post is linked in the bottom of this post.
Obviously a big Ol’ Spoiler warning at the beginning of this!!

 So let's dive right in shall we. I did't include Eurus because it would be far too obvious everyone knows I will watch anything and enjoy anything with awesome murder-y ladies. 
There has been talk for ages about Victor Trevor appearing in Sherlock.  For those who don’t know in the books Victor Trevor is Sherlock’s childhood friend as they went to school together. He turns up in “The Adventure of Gloria Scott”. Obviously Moffatt and Gattis weren’t going to include him like that but I did not see coming how he turned up. Having him be Redbeard was shocking but absolutely perfect for the show. Also it made a lot more sense as to why Sherlock would have repressed it completely.
Sneaking into Sherringford

Yep our very serious consulting detective, army doctor/blogger and the literal British Government sneak in to a high security island in costumes. Obviously John and Mycroft got the best costumes as they got to be fishermen! The moment you find out its Mycroft in the big bushy beard not his brother was so funny as well it’s nice to see the show having fun with itself.

Violin Playing
This was so minor in the overall scheme of things but I loved all the stuff with both Sherlock and Eurus being able to play the violin to communicate. It was so lovingly done as was the whole end montage but that particular scene really stuck out to me.
This was such a shock to see Moriarty just swan back in. I’m sure everyone was freaking out until it revealed it was five years ago! There he is larger than life arriving in a helicopter to Queen whilst bragging about his security guards, It was like he’d never left! I’m so glad they didn’t bring him back completely though it would have been kinda annoying to see him return to the show full time. 
Mycroft Holmes needs help!
If anyone stole the show it was definitely Mycroft. Even as he bumbles through trying to be a vaguely decent brother. You definitely can’t argue Mycroft isn’t trying (in both senses of the word). Even though his attempts at looking after Eurus went wrong (who the hell thought giving her five minutes with Moriarty was a good idea, come one Mycroft you aren’t that stupid) it explains why he keeps such close tabs on Sherlock. The entire section of him telling Sherlock to kill him had me in tears. Also he has a gun/sword Umbrella! I need one of those!
Which parts did you guys love? 

Also you can read Joey's list of her faviorite moments here

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