Friday, 20 January 2017

Juvadent Beauty Event- A night with the gals!!

Hey guys so I can finally tell you about this awesome event I went to on Saturday night! I was invited by Lauren of Blonde Vision who hosts LDNMeetup  who you may recognise from my Winter Wonderland posts (here 1 2 )! So heres the breakdown about this awesome event, the first bloggers event of the year and my first beauty event no less!
I was invited to this for free and given free stuff so this falls under my policy on this stuff. all opinions are my own etc full disclaimers are here.
So firstly it was the first ever time I have ever been to chelsea and wow is some of it swish. I must have gone past more Blow Dry Bars than anything else it  was kinda cool. Also some really awesome looking Book Shops that one day i'll go back and have a poke around in because it was so great.

So there were four brands to visit and we had to have a card signed by each brand to earn our goody bag which is a really cool idea. Anyway the lighting was dodgy so there are very few decent surviving pictures but theres a few of the goody bags which contain all the brand merch so don't despair! All the brand info will be with the goody bags rather than I normally do it.

So Here's Juvadent's table. As stated I didn't get any for EDGE nails, Ark Skincare or False but there is tonnes of information in the goodybag section of this post. Any way the girls were lovely (more about them later) and were telling me about possible solutions they could offer for some of my face mainly botox etc. Whilst I don't think I want to have it done just yet or maybe ever it did open my eyes to the idea .

The first half of the evening up until 6.30 was for talking to brands deciding if you wanted to get your nails or lashes done. (I didn't but almost did) and talking to all the lovely people. I met up with people from the Winter Wonderland meet including the lovely Franny Mac and met news friends too including Poppy Mayy and Ania of Beauty Obsessed. It was really great and the Champagne, Orange Juice and popcorn that was there certainly made things better!!

At 6.30 the evening went into part 2 for a series of presentations.

There was one  by the lovely Lauren herself who actually had the lip filler procedure and had filmed the entire thing to show us. 
This is a still from the video and it was actually really interesting. It might sound weird but I was kinda surprised there was no blood but there wasn't! It was kinda weird seeing them massaging the filler into the right positions though! 

Now these are the lovely ladies I referenced earlier! On the left in the blue is Dr Farah and on the right in the Pink is Dr Hemini. They told us all about how they started their practice and about all the work they do. It was really cool.

So if you were wondering about the brands heres the stuff guys and I'll talk you all through it!
So heres the Juvadent bag which is cute and the social media contact details. The logo apparently represents the two girls and how they combined to make the business. There website is this one here.

Ark Skincare is a brand that doesn't believe in skin types but that you need different products for different days and dependent on your age. The packaging they showed us was cool because it gives you measured doses of product instead of you contaminating it with your fingers. I got given five samples one from each of the age ranges, a mask and a primer. I am looking forward to trying these. Ark is found here. 

False sells well that should be obvious. have a guess i'm 90% sure you'll get it. If you guessed False Eyelashes well congratulations because thats what they sell. I was very lucky because I got two pairs both of which are by Red Cherry. One set are half lashes the other are full. The only thing I do know is that if i do fail miserably at trying to put these on as I have done once previous at least I have a badass Clockwork Orange costume prop ready!! website here

The Edge Nails is a nail place. Anywho they do 100% british products. If you were wondering that pale nailvarnish is called Bella Ballerina and it is damned cute on me. The formula took a hell of a lot of buildup though to get to opacity so take that into account also it had a kinda weird consistantcy and took a lot of time to dry. Here they are on the net

So kids thats all about the Juvadent Beauty event. If anyone else went let me know in the comments and to all the people that made the event possible

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