Thursday, 19 January 2017

January Roundup- First of the year

Hello and welcome to the first monthly roundup of 2017! There are a couple of changes but I promise the same old content is here!

Best Movie
Totally Netflix's Coin Heist. It's really fun. 

Prettiest Thing
I want this tea-pot. It's stupid and glass and will crack, stain etc but I want it because it's a tea pot and its spotty. Damn it Sherlock for making me want tea pots in my life. Also this baby is £24 and its from Kikki-K heres the link

Things to Read and Ponder
1. The toy that is a learning tool for kids with learning disabilities HERE
2.Standard Issue explains why 100% attendance isn't that great HERE
3. Same, Jake Gyllenhaal Same HERE
4. There may have been a tonne of little moons once HERE
5. BBC looks at how books can help empower girls HERE
6.Broadly meets the Riot Grrl Poet that wrote your fave romcoms HERE
7. La Weekly wonders where the lady directed films of the 70's and 80's went HERE
8.The Pool as usual speaks the truth HERE
9. Lucky Peach looks at why British Pubs love Thai Food HERE
10. Scorsese likes a faithless wretch HERE

Extra Credit
Mark Gattis wrote a poem to destroy Sherlock Critics. It's great as you would expect. HERE

Sounds to Hear

Bringing back my emo phase to fruition Skrillex's old outfit  From First to Last returned with Sonny Moore for the  fantastic "Make War". I'm really damn into it.

Blogger of the month
My first blogger of the month for 2017 is.... Louise Bodle. I first discovered her for her OA review and she is damn awesome. I think you'll love her guys!
Visit her blog here

So thats it guys for this month. Do you like the redesign
See you all soon!!

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