Sunday, 22 January 2017

52filmsbywomen- Week 3

With all the stuff thats happened this week and the women's marches I felt this weeks film should be a biopic of historical women and which better ones than the three sisters from yorkshire that made literary magic and their forgotten brother. This weeks film is...

To Walk Invisible
Dir: Sally Wainright
The Bronte sisters always interested me at school and this biopic does them justice but doesn't glorify them into poor little women who did good. It shows them warts and all. Charlotte is shown as the more emotionless, Anne is timid and Emily is the one that looks after and loves their brother (the often forgot) Branwell. Branwell is definitley the stand out in this. It's a heartbreaking turn and whilst he may be forgotten normally his tragic story is the best thing about this film. Especially the scenes with him and Emily. Definitely seek this film out it's brilliantly heartbreaking,

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