Wednesday, 11 January 2017

52 Films by Women- Week 2

We are back for the first Women directed release of 2017 I have seen. Literally brand spanking new and arrived on Netflix last Friday it's...

Coin Heist
Dir: Emily Hagins
From the awesome Catch Me If You Can inspired opening credits to the pretty awesome soundtrack Coin Heist is a movie that is definitely not the teen comedy it seemed to be. In fact its whip smart, fun and the leads are great. Special points obviously go to Sasha Piertese for being perfect as always.
If you recognise the name of the director well she's been directing for a while since she was 12 in fact when she directed Pathogen and hasn't stopped since. The way people tend to write about her tends to be super gross but I think she is very awesome and always deserves a spotlight over here. 
Basically this film is not in anyway what you expect it's fun and silly but is actually quite clever. 
Definitely give it a shot.

as an aside its from Adaptive Studios who sound really damn awesome totally read about them here

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