Wednesday, 4 January 2017

52 Films by Women- ROUND 2- Week 1

New Year! New Logo! Another 52 films directed by women!! 
I Loved it so much last year that I decided I would do it one more time. Especially as a load of really cool lady directed new movies are coming out this year (cough cough Wonder Woman!) So without further a do whats my first film of the year you ask? Well dear reader lets find out!

Dir: Jerusha Hess
This film is the perfect film to start this challenge back up to again! It's breezy, super happy and with a plot twist that had me completely shocked but pleased. It practices little subrversions to the standard Rom Com that make me super chuffed too. The minute Jane(Kerri Russell) decides to take charge of her stay at Austenland is absolutely fabulous. 
The cats and team are badass too. you'll probably recognise Brett McKenzie from Flight of the Concords and fellow indie darling director of this project Jerusha Hess who wrote the fantastic indie cult hit Napoleon Dynamite. Also leading lady Kerri Russell has starred in four films directed by women by the way which I think is pretty cool of her. Go Kerri!
All in all this film is an undiscovered gem and I loved finding it!

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