Sunday, 18 December 2016

#WWBlogmeet - Bloggers run amok in Hyde Park!!!

So guys as you may have seen on twitter the lovely Lauren once again invited a ton of Bloggers up to Winter Wonderland (you can read about last years event here). Just a warning this post will be super picture heavy. 
So as you can see here we all are. Post present giving out!
Stolen from @Blonde_Vision
It was such a lovely evening and as usual it was so fun even if it seemed more expensive than last year.
So onto the pic spam and then i'll tell you what I got in that awesome box with all the gift ribbons on it!!
I don't know what this is but its super pretty
creepy cards
there are no words

fancy Mulled Wine
nothing says Christmas like Chinese Food
big ass roller coaster
Franny Mac Approves of this blog post but only slightly!

faceless scary nutcracker man the best villain
cute right
These were the dad rockers than Fran was approving of. ROCK ON DUDES
The return of Dinosaur Christmas faviorite! It's the festive Haunted House

and now finally the moment you've all been waiting for....
So this guys is what I got!!!
I got two Iwako puzzle erasers (a bear and a elephant), three nails inc polishes (two glittery and once gorgeous christmas-y Burgandy) and a Burts Bee's set in Pink Grapefruit. 
So cute. I'm already wearing the burgandy nail varnish.

Then Finally I got to meet the true Christmas Hero!!!

A big Thank You to Lauren and for everyone there. It was such a good night.

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