Monday, 12 December 2016

Golden Globes nominations-Stars, surpises and Sads.

So guys lets have a little looksie shall we at the Golden Globe nominations 2016 in my standard awards season format!!


The best news of the day!

2 Nominations for Deadpool
Oh Yeah BABY!!! The surprise movie of the year that blew everyones collective sphincters is hotting up awards season. What a brilliant shocker. Ryan Reynolds (The Pool of Death himself) and The film( best comedy/musical) are nominated. QUEUE THE MUSIC

2 Nominations for Stranger Things
Everyone's faviorite nostalgia fest Netflix series Stranger things got two nominations and I could not be happier. One for best Drama series and One for Winona Ryder. Absolutely perfect!

The People Vs OJ Simpson
I'm so happy this fantastic series is doing so well and my queen Sarah Paulson is doing well too.
we are blessed.

Toni Ederman
Mark my words this film is going to head all the way to the oscars my friends. After being the first female directed movie to crush the European Film awards is there anything that it can't win. Watch this one like a hawk.

A few shockers this year!

Simon Helburg's Nomination
No suprises that Meryl Streep got a nom but I'm super pleased to see Simon here. He has been stuck wallowing in the slog of TBBT for too long hopefully this nominations will send him onto better work. He's wasted on that crappy sitcom.

The Two awesome lady directors in Foreign film!!
Both Divines and Toni Ederman getting nominated for Best foreign film is fantastic!! So Happy to see two lady directors in this category!

Night Manager
It's been a bit of an washout so far for this show so I'm surprised to see it do so well at the nominations. It's a great show though so you never know it may win a few here. 

London Spy
Whilst this is racking up a few nominations its really not doing as well as I thought it might. It's certainly a bit of a shock on that regard. Also I can't help feeling Mark Gattis should be nominated for playing os fantastically nasty.

The Big dissapointments and snubs of this years noms.

Where is Hail Caesar's No Dames?
You gave the irritating as crap Trolls song a nod but you didn't give a nod to Channings Tatum and co's sailor dance tune. FOR SHAME GOLDEN GLOBES FOR SHAME.

Where is The Nice Guys?
Look I get Gosling is being looked at for LaLaLand but The Nice Guys has been seriously overlooked. It's a fantastic film and deserved more than not being nominated. I'm really annoyed about this snub.

Best Director seems a bit Male
No female directors for Best Director but Mel Abuser Gibson gets a nomination? That is crap. Come on guys sort yourselves out.

So there you are guys. What are your thoughts on the nominations?

Full list of nominations can be found here

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