Saturday, 31 December 2016


The final roundup before the end of the year is here!!! Enjoy!!!


as it's almost next year instead of my standard movie of the month it's the movie I am most looking forward to in January. Martin Scorcese's Silence. It looks like its going to be awesome and I am very into it. I literally cannot wait to see it. 

The trailer for Gore Verbinski's ( PoTC) newest really pretty yet creepy movie 
A Cure for Wellness is out and it looks amazing. My gran really wants to go see it!

we survived the most sucktacular and awful year ever! We did it!!! Thats pretty great right. So lets keep going for 2017 and kick its arse!

Things to Watch and See
  1. Amelia Diamond brings back iconic 2000's style HERE
  2. Den of Geek needs Tom Cruise to stop running for a bit HERE
  3. Film School Rejects examines the girls of Sophia Coppolla's world HERE
  4. Little White Lies looks back at 80 years of Pinewood Studios HERE
  5. Kimberly Bonnell shares how she survived after her Husband's Suicide HERE
  6. Racked goes to Pin Up School HERE
  7. Oh Comely looks at the nostalgia of Belonging HERE
  8. Comic Book Resources explains why Moon Knight should go back to his roots HERE
  9. Verge loves Adam Driver an awful lot and so do I HERE
  10. The Debrief finds out that Monica and Chandler live in Kevin McAllister's House HERE
Dazed has a list of the best Fashion films of the year and they are all really damn good.  Kenzo's with Margaret Qualley is the best though for sure. Mainly because its a girl with super powers dancing violently.


literally an hour beforeI wrote this Caravan Palace dropped their cover of Black Betty let it make you feel super dance-y for your New Years Party!!!

My final blogger of the month for 2016 is the fabulous Lottie of Lottie Does. The most happy positive blogger in the world. She's lovely and I think you'll all love her as much as I do.
Visit Her Here 

So thats it chaps! The final roundup of the year!!! SCARY HUH?


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