Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Food Inspiration VOL 2 BIGGER AND BETTER

So guys if you remember last year I made a table of cool foodstuffs (refresh your memory) you could make well heres another! All of these would be perfect to take to a bring and share situation!!! This year I decided to go bold and do a sweets and a savoury board because more food is more food!!!!


1. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Mushrooms from Southern Bite HERE
2. Shells filled with Chicken Salad from Lemon and Olives HERE
3. Missisipi Mud Cheesey Potatoes from Mama Plus One HERE
4.Egg Casserole with Ham and Cheese from Jules Food HERE
6. Vinegar Chicken from Impatient Foodie HERE
7.Escaloped Cabbage from The Pioneer Woman HERE
8.Wild Mushroom Pie from Tart London HERE
9. Tuna and Green Bean Bake from Midwest Living HERE


1.Hassleback Apple Cake from Lucky Peach HERE
2.Wild Mince Pies from The Londoner HERE
3. Orange Almond Biscotti from The Minamalist Baker HERE
4.Pineapple Pie from Chocolate Covered Katie HERE
6. Upside Down Plum and Olive Oil Cake from My Name is Yeh HERE
7. Holiday Spritz Cookies from American Heritage Cooking HERE
8.Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries from White on Rice Couple HERE
9.Hot Chocolate Fudge from Wonky Wonderful HERE

I'll reveal two christmas recipes soon but anywho any of these tickle your fancy? what will you be cooking around the festive season? tell me in the comments below!

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