Friday, 2 December 2016

52 Films by Women- Week 48

Well guys not long left now! Not a very Festive film this week no matter how festive I'm feeling I wanted to have a bit of a change so without further a do...

The Family
Dir: Rosie Jones
Some documentaries leave you speechless and so unable to comprehend how people get so shitty that you are left wide eyed and terrorfied of your fellow man. This is one of those documentaries. All about Australia's The Family cult, the brace of bleach headed children that lived there and their messiah Anne Hamilton-Bryne I honestly was both terrorfied and mysteified by what I saw.Cult's ahve always been as interesting things and seeing those who leave them is too quite interesting. I watched this documentary just after starting "Brainwashing Stacey" boy have I learnt a lot about the fragile human psyche. This is a saddeing scary watch but honestly seeing the kids now grown up and living well and finding their lost families and having their own was uplifing.

As a point of note BBC 4's Storyville is a perfect place to find many female directed documentaries. They showed Wiener a few weeks ago and now this. Totally have a rummage through if you have time.

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