Friday, 11 November 2016


Hi Guys I don't often cover trailers anymore but this week has been a bummer so i have decided to cover three super good looking trailers that came out this week. Take a look inside for info and views on Valerian, Collateral Beauty and Slenderman. (ALSO LLOKING GOOD HAS IT'S LOGO NOW)

Firstly let's look at the trailer for 
Dir: David Frankel
Release: Dec 30th UK Dec 16th US

PLOT: an ad executive (Smith) loses his daughter he retreats into himself while asking for questions from the big things in the universe, Death, Love and Time However they decide to answer back.
WHY SHOULD I CARE: It's an original film with an incredible cast including Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightly and Ed Norton just to name a few. It seems both weepy and whimsical and I love the fantastical element to it a lot. It looks original in more ways than one! Also that cinematography though

Now how about a documentary
Dir: Irene Taylor Brodsky
Release: US HBO 23rd Jan NO UK YET

Subject Matter: A look at the 2014 stabbing of a young girl by two young girls who were doing it to "appease" Slenderman. This doc looks into the Slenderman phenomenon and look at why it's just so scary and what motivated the girls.
WHY SHOULD I CARE: because creepy pastas are well creepy and if you love true crime this documentary will do it for you plus FEMALE DIRECTOR. Who knows if I'll still do 52filmbywomen next year butI'll certainly be keeping my appreciation of women directors going thats for sure.

and finally the blockbuster guys it's the much anticipated...
Dir: Luc Besson
Release: TBC

WHY SHOULD I CARE Because Luc Besson (director of The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional, Lucy, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc Sec) is back in space for this adaptation of the famous comic. Also Dane Dehaan and Rihanna are in it!
Also it's real damn pretty

So guys which ones do you like? Any you'll be avoiding? Let me know in the comments below.

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