Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Accountant- These numbers contain one hell of a heart

I have a lot of feelings about The Accountant. I have never seen a fiction film that has an autistic protagonist that isn't basically a glorified lifetime movie about overcoming obstacles. Sheldon Cooper's overarching bullcrap has tainted portrayals of autism for years and it upsets me greatly. The Accountant bucks the magical Sheldon Cooper/Sherlock trope and gives us a nice juicy antihero and I am so damn into it.

SUMMARY TIME: Christian Wolff (a brilliant Ben Affleck and incredibly muscular) is an autistic accountant with a secret. He works for villains all over the globe and fixes their missing money problems also he's a dab hand with a machine gun.Meanwhile Treasury Agent King (JK Simmons) decides to finally track down the accountant with the help of a brilliant agent with a bad past(Cynthia Addai-Robinson the 2nd Naevia in Spartacus for Starz).

The Accountant isn't just a fantastic thriller with razor sharp tension, brilliant twists and moments that rest on knife edges, It's a story of soldering on. It's a story where our autistic character gets to be the anti hero and be the best character in the film. It's a story of family as well with Wolff, his brother and his dad's relationships as heavily under the microscope as huge swathes of the film are dedicated to incredibly detailed and very effective flashbacks to Christian's early life.

In fact the scenes where we meet his brother Braxton are some of the strongest in the film with both Affleck and Jon Bernthal on top form. The scenes where we see the formative years of a young autistic boy and the fight between his mother who wants to help understand and use child psychologists and a military father who simply wants to get him to endure and fight are strong and more horrific than any gun massacre. This leads to watching Christian put himself through serious pain and discomfort which is seriously horrid to watch yet it never feels gratuitious.
they are adorable and I will hear no less
In fact that is one of The Accountant's strongest assets is its heart. It may be as fractrued as the characters but it has a strong emotional centre to it. Our Antihero is a man who for all his faults is brilliant but lonely and because of how his family is you can see the reasons laid out in front of you. When he is solving a case at a prosthetics company and meets Dana (Anna Kendrick)  they could have easily written in a rubbish little love story and yet they didn't. Christian isn't miraculously cured by anyone he is what he is and no one need change that.
this scene broke me
This film honestly is one of the best I have watched recently. It's fun with a heart maybe the moral centre is slightly twisted but the main part is Christian doesn't need to change. In fact that is probably the most important part. He isn't some damaged hero with a bloody past he's an autistic brilliant man who is going to keep doing what he does and I for one can totally accept that. Go and see this movie because it is fantastic and you deserve a good fun original action movie with a heart and soul. 

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