Thursday, 3 November 2016

Doctor Strange- Marvel's most visually stunning film yet!

Marvel has taken a step away from the gritty fighting heroes and brought in a boatload of magicand Mads Mikkelson in severe eyeliner. This  has made probably Doctor Strange the most fun Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy.  It's also incredibly pretty.

SUMMARY TIME: Stephen Strange(an american (?) Benedict Cumberbatch), a gifted but kinda dickish doctor is involved in a hideous car accident thus losing him the ability to use  his hands the way he used to. Frustrated he goes on a quest to heal himself when modern medicine fails him he goes to find a different route. That route involves magic. However theres a serious problem in the magic kingdom and an evil force is due to be unleashed at any minute.

First things first Boy were they gunning for the special effects oscar with this movie. It's mind bendingly brilliant and the twisting of the cities is just an incredible spectacle. Unlike some CG films it felt real and the textures were great. It was amazing and the details are like nothing I've ever seen. Also the magic and the way the magic maifests is awesome too. Seriously the special effects in this movie are far better than the cardboard looking floating town in avengers: Age of Ultron.

In fact this film for me is the best Marvel is age. I have got slightly bored of them but then Doctor Strange just made me care again. It might seem like from the plot this is by the numbers but the visuals and performances pull it from mediocre to bloody brilliant. 

The performances were incredible including Benedict who as usual was great, the godess Swinton herself, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong and the perfect Mads Mikkelson. It cannot be denied that Mads appears to have been born to play villians between this Casino Royale and Hannibal he has practically cornered the market. Going back to the cast though Benedict Wong deserves a whole heap of praise for being my new favourite onscreen librarian. 

What makes this film better than the other Marvel offerings for me however is how Strange defeats the villian. It's not a mindless battle. It's thoughtful, it's based off observations and its incredibly clever and watchable.Also real points for the treatment of how Strange deals with his injuries. It really shows how frustrating these things are. Oh also whilst we are in random observations corner 

Basically This movie is my new faviorite Marvel movie. After a few years of formulaic sludge Dr Strange blows the cobwebs straight off and does something completely fun. Here's hoping Marvel continues this streak especially as Thor Ragnarok is shaping up to look pretty awesome.

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