Friday, 25 November 2016

52filmsbywomen-Week 47

This week guys to finish off my directed by women week (well this challenge has been going all year but you get it fits pretty well right) I thought I'd watch a movie by a director I have heard so much about but never caught one of her films. It's ....

Night Moves
Dir: Kelly Reichardt
Woah! Jesse Eisenberg keeps surprising me. First I watch Ayoade's brilliantly creepy The Double and then this I mean Jesse is a hell of a talent right. I'm kinda surprised as for years I thought of him as a kinda spare Micael Cera but here we are. Anywho I am 90% sure that this movie was Jesse's audition tape for the role of Lex Luthor. 
Anywho with the entire film pretty much relying on his performance he certainly holds it up even when it threatens to lag. Dakota Fanning gets points as well but let's not lie to ourselves this is Jesse's film and god knows he knows it. 
Also my girl Katherine Waterstone is in this for not very long but shes there and thats what matters

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