Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Very Fine Dispatches from Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events!!

Look away now and shut this blog post because this following post is full of disaster, sadness and morose behaviour. I am of course talking about Netflix's Series of Unfortunate Events. Yesterday they grimly posted a depressing look at the sad and horrible tale that they will be telling on the small screen.
For those with a fragile disposition do not click below the cut and see the newest sneak peak. It will only cause you great distress.

Patrick Warburton, the man with worlds greatest voice is playing Lemony Snicket and boy does this monologue show how great this series looks to be.  

I mean look at all the easter eggs in this trailer alone
Look at them all!
Very Flammable Dandelions!!!!

Anway it's obvious that I am very excited for this. The only downside is it's not out till January 17th

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