Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Maginificent Seven- The Popcorn Flick We Need

I had been looking forward to this movie since the first trailers came out and boy did they not disappoint.
right so just another reminder there are spoilers now. 
The Magnificent Seven has to be one of the top ten proper popcorn movies I have seen in the last five years. It's a massive action adventure revenge flick with huge shootouts, an excellent cast and a lot of brilliant hats. 
The story is as by numbers as you would expect but with a few fantastic twists. A bad guy decides to evict a mining towns entire population and now our heroes have to stop him and avenge stuff. At the beginning our hero turns out not to be the husband (a short cameo from the stunning Matt Bomer)  as we assumed but Emma Cullen (Haley Benett) and she kicks a whole heap of ass in this movie. However it's not just Emma who kicks ass it's also our 7 cool guys and boy are they all cool.

What elevates it from standard action to something really worth seeing is Antoine Fuqua's incredible direction. the whole thing is gorgeous and grimy and exactly how a western should feel.  The best bit of course is the final shoot out with a good number of our 7 get brutally taken out. It never feels gratuitous it always feels like it's needed. We have character arcs for all the characters as well including with special note Ethan Hawkes Goodnight who overcomes his severe PTSD and fights the good fight. 

Honestly I can tell you that this movie has a fantastically diverse, super good cast, Big shootouts, badass ladies and is a whole heap of fun. It's the best popcorn flick of the year and it's the most fun yet thought provoking film I have seen recently. GO SEE IT and enjoy!!

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