Wednesday, 26 October 2016


WELCOME BACK GHOULS AND GREMLINS!!! To the First big post of Halloween Week! Me and my family went to Chessington World of Adventures in the evening to go and see some creepy Halloween festivities and boy did it deliver. This is picture heavy so be prepared!
look under the cut for all the creepiness!
Guys at the moment Chessington World of Adventures is open till 8pm so definitley head on over in the evenings. I's quieter and a lot creepier plus the queue times go down to almost nothing. We got on Vampire in about 10 minutes despite the waiting time machine saying it would take 70! 

Talking of Vampire as usual the theming was amazing. The Translyvania part of the park has always been my favorite and this is why! Also they have really gone for it in the Burger place the creepy trees now have coffins next to them!
Ok but who doesn't want gates like this to their dream home! Give me Gargoyles or give me death!

RIP Barb although she was either buried at a hell of an angle or she's got the hell out of there from the looks of it

oh hey

Chessington had a tonne of creepy lamp posts. This is one of them. It's also the one Mum said she wanted to steal and put in the Garden so theres that.

So after having left Transylvania we went around the rest of the park. It had gotten super dark by then so the photos get consistantly worse so sorry. Also go to Rattlesnake there are some pretty creepy people who lurk in the queue and it is awesome. No photos because it's dark as hell but just do it!!

So uh these guys were just kinda there outside the Dragon Kingdom. I guess they are driving over to the Skeleton war and ended up with a flat. IF someone could help these guys get home it would be much appreciated.


All the lighting was soooo creepy at night. Wild Asia looked so creepy it was great.

My new pal

So thats it for the massive pic spam! I hope you all liked it and buckle in because there'll be another Halloween post tomorrow!

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