Thursday, 27 October 2016


So I figured it would be fun to make a costume post! So here are three of my faviorite characters that would be pretty easy to dress up as. Hope you all enjoy!

Pris from Blade Runner
My faviorite scary robot lady Pris is the perfect Halloween costume. The hair and makeup you'll have to work out on your own but the costume I can help with! Warning though it's tights a bodysuit and a romper so I hope you don't need the loo!

Quinn from Daria
The super self centered sister from the brilliant animated show Daria will be a perfect addition to any Halloween party! It's easy comfortable and really fun.
1. Top 2. Belt 3. Jeans 4. Shoes

Donnie Darko
It's a mad world out there guys!! So why not dress up as everyonea faviorite troubled teen! Bonus points if you can get someone else to dress up as Maggie Gylenhaal

So there we have it guys! Three costumes that are relatively easy?
Have you decided who you are gonna be for Halloween yet? If so who?

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