Saturday, 29 October 2016


So Halloween falls on a school night this year! So all you younger folks may find watching a big scary horror movie a huge mistake! Also if you are fraidy cat you may want to step away from The Blair Witch Project and go for something less scary. This list is to help you find something new to you but super fun as well as just creepy enough for Halloween!

Dir: Rob Letterman
My first entry is also the newest! The goosebumps books were a huge part of my childhood and this film captures their spirit perfectly. It's fun, silly and Jack Black is brilliant as R.L Stine. There are brilliant twists, some Goonies-esque moments and some hilarious comedy. Also Odeya Rush is going places she was brilliant in this movie! Also it's kid friendly!

2. Suburban Gothic
Dir: Richard Bates Jr
After the brilliant Excision Bates Jr went on to make this bizarre comedy horror that I love completely and utterly. Matthew Gray Gubler steals the scenes completely as a boy moving back home with his parents after leaving uni. Oh and he can see ghosts. It's a gem and Kat Dennings is brilliant too.

3.  Burke and Hare
Dir: John Landis
Wow this list is a comedy pit isn't it, Oh well! This one isn't a straight comedy horror but instead a very dark crime comedy about the real life murderers Burke and Hare. Theres an all star cast and a superb performance from the late Ronnie Corbett. It's brilliant, pitch black and impeccably funny you won't even miss the scares!

4. Odd Thomas
Dir: Stephen Sommers
Now this one is a supernatural thriller and a quirky tour de force. Following the life of Odd Thomas a boy that can see the dead. It's brilliant and sad all at once and I could watch it again and again and never get bored. 

5. Jennifer's Body
Dir: Karyn Kusama
Probbaly the scariest on the list but still not particularly scary this classic needs no introduction. It's badass lady demons, killing guys and blood guts and demonic sacrifices! It's brilliant and has a badass soundtrack.

So there you go guys! 5 Films to not keep you up at night ENJOY!

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