Friday, 28 October 2016


It's National Frankenstein Friday! A day that is always held on the last Friday of October to celebrate the book and by proxy it's incredible writer Mary Shelley! Obviously it's a holiday thats slots perfectly into Halloween Week as well!!

So for this most auspicious of occasions I thought it would be fun to do 5 cool facts about Frankenstein!

1. Whilst Mary Shelley is credited as the author it is unknown if she is completely the author as it is assumed that both her and her husband Percy collaborated on the book. Percy Shelley's contribution is thought to have ranged from editor to a possible minor collaborator on the novel.

2. Mary Shelley herself was only 21 years old when the book was published.  Frankly thats rude!

3. The novels main inspirations were of the experiments performed on bodys by an Italian called Aldini. Who used dead animals and human body parts to conduct electrical experiments. He then got a complete dead body and set about bringing it back to life with electricity. which is really creepy. No wonder it inspired one of the creepiest books of all time!

4. Whilst Boris Karloff as the creation is what propelled Frankenstein into the pop culture figure he is today the creature is not described to look like that at all. He's meant to be 8ft tall with see through-ish yellowed skin and it's stretched so tightly you can see all his "inner workings". that would have made for a very different 30's horror film indeed!

5. When the book was released it was despised and was seen as incredibly controversial. With its god allusions and the incestuous connotations of Victor and his sister people were very up in arms about it. Which is odd because its one of the most read books of all time now!

So there you go!
Also just for today heres one of my faviorite music videos featuring the monsters themselves it's Imelda May's It's Good to be Alive!

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