Sunday, 16 October 2016

52 Films by Women- WEEK 41 @ THE BFI London Film Festival

Long time readers may remember that last year I went to BFI's London Film festival I saw both Chronic (which I never reviewed because its too good to put into words and its hard to shriek excitedly in blog form) and the Lady in the Van (review). This year I decided to combine the 52filmsbywomen challenge with my annual excursion to the festival. There weren't many lady directed pics this year but five were on my mind as possibles  to) 1. Raw 2. American Honey 3.Planetarium 4. Queen of Katwe and 5. the film I actually saw which was....

Their Finest
Dir: Lone Scherfig
Lone Scherfig's films have been on my to watch list for this challenge for ages. Both An Education and The Riot Club are sitting on my netflix queue. However I did not watch them this week I watched her newest film, Their Finest before it comes out on release over at BFI LFF. 

Their Finest is the story of a welsh woman named Catrin (Arterton) who writes informational scripts about carrots and what have you until she is summoned to help Buckley (Claflin) and his associate write a optimistic but authentic film about The starling sisters. Two girls who stole their drunk fathers boat to help out at Dunkirk the story turns out to be untrue but they soldier on turning the story into something film worthy. Balance this with being in the blitz as well as having a dirt bag for a husband and Catrin has a hell of a lot on her plate.

Special props has to go to Rachel Stirling as the war ministry office lady loving lady who is my faviorite and also a snappy dresser. Also to Bill Nighy for being utterly fabulous. In fact the entire cast get props for incredible work managing to make the comedy work perfectly with the fear and tragedy of the blitz. 

This film may be one of the best I have ever seen in years. Both funny and heartbreaking as well as Bechdel test passing and unabashaedly feminist. When this film comes out go and see it because it is fabulous.

ALSO FANGIRL MOMENT Lone Sherfig was actually there and she is great and brilliant and I want to be her friend.

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